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Sandra's Success

From: Sandra
Sent: Saturday, April 8, 2023 10:28 PM
To: Marin Beekeepers Association 
Subject: [Buzz] Re: My bees swarmed (update)
Hi all, wanted to give an update on my saga. I received a lot of helpful tips and offers to help. Alas, I wasn't quite prepared immediately to take action. But over the course of 3 days, I can say that I have successfully captured my swarm!

---long story below---

Day one - I frantically sent the email to the Buzz. Thank you to everyone who responded. I had to purchase a top and bottom board for a box I had at home already. I made my way to FBF just at closing time, Jim quickly helped get the items I needed and suggested a widget that attaches to a frame and pole to catch swarms. So I bought it. Thank you!! I headed to the garden where my hives were and placed a box under the tree, as a few members and Bonnie suggested, then I crossed my fingers that perhaps the ladies would magically make their way overnight  I was also reminded that the club meeting was the same day and the topic was swarms. I was able to make it to the meeting and confirm with Bob, inventor of the widget, on the type of pole I needed to purchase. Thanks to Bob for inventing the gadget.

Day Two - I headed to Home Depot and purchased a 20ft telescoping window washing pole. It was drizzling outside and I worried about the bees’ wings getting wet. I nervously drove back to the garden and with the help of a good friend I was able to use the pole and frame holder to remove the swarm from the tree. It was a long process, slow and steady, carefully bringing down the disturbed bees frame by frame.  The bees were mad, wet, and it was a bit of messy process with some bees raining from the top branches. I could only hope the queen would not perish in the process. I never saw her and after 2/3 of the cluster were in the box, I had to call it good. I added fondant from Priddy Acres, infused with lemongrass, and crossed my fingers the remaining bees would make their way to the box.

Day Three - I visited my bees today and low and behold, no more bees in the tree and buzzing bees coming and going from the new box. I know they can still decide to leave so I let them bee and I'll check in on them this Wednesday.

It was quite the adventure and I know more await.


Photos of the swarm:


Hi Bob,
Yes you can share my story. The swarmreacher worked as designed and I am not sure what I would have done without it as the bees were up too high for a bucket.

You have a great invention.

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