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The SwarmReacher is a handy gadget that can be attached to any screw top pole—window washer extension poles work best— available at most major hardware stores. If the screw top does not fit snugly, cover the screw top with a piece of plastic from a plastic bag, or painter's tape. 


Next, attach a large hive frame with or without wax comb, we have caught swarms both ways! If the swarm is not fresh and has been in a tree or shrub for awhile, dark comb works best. Usually, when you press the hive frame into the swarm, you will get the bees' pheromones on the hive frame.  


Stick the frame in the swarm until it is covered on both sides with bees and put it in your NUC. You might need to repeat several times so it is handy to have an extra SwarmReacher until you catch The Queen.


The SwarmReacher method is much safer than using a ladder or trying to reach inside a group of trees, over a fence or bushes. 


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